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I am using IEcapt.exe to capture website snapshot. The problem is, it cannot handle path directory that have space. Like this:

c:\program files\

Is there any way how I can pass directory like this to make it work?

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Usually just double-quoting windows paths will work:

IEcapt.exe "C:\Program Files\some path"

If that really doesn't work, you might be able to get away with using the 8.3 filename or, in the case of program files, the %programfiles% variable.

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See the reply from kojiro. However, here is a trick if you really aren't able to use blank spaces or long file names, because the tools you call do not support that. I've had this case with some build tools from MS.

Since short filenames are not allowed to contain blank spaces, we can use:


... where I is the number of the parameter to the current sub (or the script). Since this is a feature that only works on numbered parameters, you may have to use an indirection, such as:

call :mysub "%ProgramFiles%"

set VARIABLE=%~s0
goto :eof
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