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I have a PHP web site. In this all my users have an expiry date about 1 month ( if a user register today his expiry date will be 2nd of the next year).I need to automatically update the expiration date of my user's profile and send a mail to that users( even he is logged or not). But I don't know how this? I heard about the clone function (I am not sure is it clone or not) to implement this type of automatic function. If does anyone know this please help me...

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Instead of clone I think you mean cron. You can set up a cron to run a php script that will do these updates for you. Just write the php script that will do the update. Then, in your unix shell:

crontab -e

Specify the minute/hour/dom/moy/dow that the cron should run and then php /path/to/update/script.php

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