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I'm trying to size the rows of a NSTableView to exactly 9 rows fit. I've tried [menuTableView setRowHeight:floor(menuRect.size.height / 9)]; and I've tried [menuTableView setRowHeight:(menuRect.size.height / 9)]; and [menuTableView setRowHeight:ceil(menuRect.size.height / 9)]; but all of them have the same issue, if I've selected row 0 then row 9 is clipped at the bottom and if I select row 9 then row 0 is clipped at the top.

How can I set up a NSTableView to show 9 full rows so no matter what there is never a partial row visible?


edit: Yes menuRect is the frame for the menuTableView


Below is the full method I use to position the NSTableView and set the row height I've tried to remove any rounding issues with the use of the rowHeight variable. You can see with the attached screen shot that the last row isn't fully displayed

- (void) updateGUIPositions
    NSRect screenRect = [self frame];
    NSRect menuRect;

    // Set the menu location on screen
    NSInteger spacer =  screenRect.size.width / 9;
    menuRect.size.width = floor(screenRect.size.width - (spacer * 3)) / 2;
    menuRect.size.height = ceil(screenRect.size.height - (spacer * 2));
    NSInteger rowHeight = menuRect.size.height / 9;
    menuRect.size.height = rowHeight * 9;
    menuRect.origin.x = menuRect.size.width + (spacer * 2);
    menuRect.origin.y = spacer;
    [menuScrollView setFrame:menuRect];

    // Setup the row height
    [menuTableView setRowHeight:rowHeight];

enter image description here

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I am not sure if this will work, but it sounds like a rounding error(I had the same problem with a UITableView). Try making the height of the NSTableView's frame 1px larger. So, menuTableView.frame.height = menuTableView.frame.height+1;

EDIT Try using this...

`float rowHeight = menuRect.size.height / 9.0f;`
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I thought that too, see my update –  Justin808 Mar 2 '11 at 7:30
using floats produces the same output as well :-/ –  Justin808 Mar 2 '11 at 7:44
You should use CGFloat, not float. In the 64 bit environment, it is a double. Not that that is the answer to the question. –  JeremyP Mar 2 '11 at 8:52

If you can fix the size of the rows and instead set the size of the frame programmatically, this related question suggests this formula works:

numRows * (rowHeight + intercellSpacing.height)

Using that formula, the scroller will draw, but you could just turn it off.

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