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If I do a find . -mmin -1 I get 'myfile' which was modified in last one minute.

But when I want to search a particular string in that file by doing

grep 'myString' myfile -mmin -1 

I get the error invalid max count

I also tried

find . -name "myfile" -exec grep 'myString' myfile -mmin -5

I get the error find: missing argument to -exec

So my question is How do I grep or cat only the changes within a file which happened in last 5 mins. Now that I know the file name which was modified during that period.

Suggestions? Thanks in adv.

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Grep doesn't have an mmin argument as far as I can see. It does have a -m argument with a number parameter. grep 'myString' myfile -m3 will stop after 3 lines containing myString. So, the error message means that 'min' in -mmin is not a valid maximum count.

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grep something *


grep: invalid max count

Verify that you have a file with a leading dash in the name in the current directory. The file name might be taken for an option.

For example:

grep something * // okay

touch -- -mmin

grep something *

grep: invalid max count


grep -- something *

From man getopt:

Each parameter after a `--' parameter is always interpreted as a non-option parameter

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thanks, this solved my problem, who would have thought. –  SeanDowney Oct 18 '12 at 15:07

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