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I am busy with making a advertisement website, on the categorie pages the screen is adjusable by the user (see, for example the next page wil call a AJAX request and loads the new advertisements. I know that the back button is not working with AJAX, for example if i click on an advertesiment and want to ga back to the overview (page 3) so i tried severall JQUERY History examples but i can't get them working. Is JQUERY History the only option, am i doing something wrong and does anybody got a good example?

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Have a look at Ben Alman's Back Button and Query plugin.

This allows you to easily push 'state' into the browsers url. eg $.bbq.pushState("page", "2") adds #page=2 to the browsers url.

You then hook up an event handler that fires whenever the hash changes and handle your ajax navigation in there. eg

$(window).bind( "hashchange", function(e) {
    var category = $.bbq.getState("category");
    // do your ajax stuff here....

The only other thing left to do for back button support is to trigger the hashchange event whenever the page is first loaded.

$(document).ready(function() { 
    $(window).trigger( "hashchange" );
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