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I have created a WCF data service with a service operation.

I want to generate a kind of Business exception. I try to generate WebFaultException but I don't see how to catch this error at the client side when this error is throwing by a service operation.

Here is my service operation to simulate an exception:

public void GenerateException() 
    throw new DataServiceException( 403, "Custom Message" );

Here is my client:

WebClient wc = new WebClient(); 
    new Uri(

DownloadString is throwing an exception, but it's only Internal Server Error, I can't see my Custom Message.

Any Idea ?

Many Thanks.

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Hi, did you ever find a solution to your problem? I am in the exact same situation and I've got nothing :/ –  Tigel Apr 11 '12 at 17:54

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I solved my 403 error using Set EntitySetAccessRule to AllRead:

         config.SetEntitySetAccessRule("*", EntitySetRights.AllRead);
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I found a good link for Fault Handlling in WCF Service

Hope , It will be useful for you.

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You can use WCF FaultContract Attribute to throw and handle a businzess exception.

Refer Link, Example

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thank you for finding this question and then to post your result. This helped so much. –  Valamas - AUS Nov 28 '11 at 5:12

It is best to throw a DataServiceException. The WCF Data Service runtime knows how to map the properties to the HTTP response and will always wrap it in a TargetInvocationException.

You can then unpack this for the client consumer by overriding the HandleException in your DataService like so:

    /// <summary>
    /// Unpack exceptions to the consumer
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="args"></param>
    protected override void HandleException(HandleExceptionArgs args)
        if ((args.Exception is TargetInvocationException) && args.Exception.InnerException != null)
            if (args.Exception.InnerException is DataServiceException)
                args.Exception = args.Exception.InnerException as DataServiceException;
                args.Exception = new DataServiceException(400, args.Exception.InnerException.Message);
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