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Is there any alternative for panelGrid in PrimeFaces components? I need something more fixable to design forms? Something which supports colspan attribute someway!

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If all you want is colspan, then just use plain vanilla HTML or use Tomahawk's <t:panelGrid> with <t:panelGroup> which supports the colspan attribute.

RichFaces has also components supporting colspan, but that doesn't always work flawlessly together with PrimeFaces.

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Sadly there is no alternative for <h:panelGrid> yet.

But hopefully you can use the <p:layout> and <p:layoutUnit> to more fixable form design.

And there are no restrictions using <table> and <div> with little CSS. Personally I would stick to the panelGrid because it is a JSF component, with more JSF-ish attributes.

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I don't know why my previous answer was deleted by admins but PrimeFaces 3.1 will have a panelGrid component.

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Your previous answer was deleted because it was not an answer, but more an invitation/discussion. Stack Overflow isn't exactly a discussion forum :) +1 for the new <p:panelGrid> though. The <p:row> is a very good idea. – BalusC Jan 20 '12 at 17:26

You can achieve this by using "p:row and p:column" in panel Grid


<p:panelGrid style="margin-top:20px">
<f:facet name="header">
        <p:column colspan="7">1995-96 NBA Playoffs</p:column>
        <p:column colspan="2">Conf. Semifinals</p:column>
        <p:column colspan="2">Conf. Finals</p:column>
        <p:column colspan="2">NBA Finals</p:column>


    <p:column style="font-weight: bold;">Seattle</p:column>
    <p:column style="font-weight: bold;">4</p:column>

    <p:column rowspan="2" style="font-weight: bold;">Seattle</p:column>
    <p:column rowspan="2" style="font-weight: bold;">4</p:column>

    <p:column rowspan="5">Seattle</p:column>
    <p:column rowspan="5">2</p:column>

    <p:column rowspan="11" style="font-weight: bold;">Chicago</p:column>

For Complete Example please visit prime faces show case

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