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I am trying to document the private variable in phpdoc but its not documenting . Here is my code.

class Content
    * simple db class variable
    * @access private
    var $_db=null; // db
    private $_s3=null; //  s3

    * queue for mainting session queue1
    public $queue=array();**

The $_db and $_s3 both are not coming in documentation.

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That's what supposed to happen - setting @access private prevents the following code block from appearing in the documentation.

To get it to appear you need to use the command line switch --parseprivate

See http://manual.phpdoc.org/HTMLSmartyConverter/HandS/phpDocumentor/tutorial_tags.access.pkg.html

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It's actually -pp or --parseprivate, but otherwise this answer is correct. Private items are not included in documentation by default. –  ashnazg Mar 2 '11 at 15:05
Thanks for error pickup, I've corrected the answer. –  darklion Mar 3 '11 at 3:46

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