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I am using hsqldb for database. i am using jdbctemplate for sqlqueries. i just want to know how i can confirm that jdbctemplate executed query successfully, as i can't see the result in database, because my database is hsqldb.

Thank in advance

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why can't you connect to your hsqldb and check the results..? can you provide a code snippet to see what method of the JdbcTemplate are you using? – jabal May 5 '11 at 14:58
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Instead of using HSQLDB as a pure memory DB, you can write out the contents on disc by initializing HSQLDB with the following URL:


I presume you are using a "memory" URL like this (all contents as you notice are gone after the JVM shuts down):


When you shut down the database after the test, you can either view the resulting script-file using a texteditor, or start the HSQLDB-manager contained in the main HSQLDB jar.

java -jar hsqldb-version.jar
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JdbcTemplate.update(..) returns the number of updated rows as an integer. Check if that is greater than zero or not:

if(jdbcTemplate.update("insert into mytable..") > 0) {
  // all ok
} else {
  // not inserted anything
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