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The problem is that I use a few identical databases with different names. I would like ConnectionDBContext designer not to append database name to functions name. For instance

[Function(Name=@"**project.**DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue", IsComposable=true)]

where "project" is the database name. Do you know how to do that?

Thanks in advance. Paweł

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The database name isn't prepended; that is the schema (historically: owner, but a bit more complex) of the object. It will not work without the schema, especially for a UDF, where it is a mandatory part of the calling syntax in TSQL.

By which I mean that:

select * from DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue(...)

is not valid TSQL; it must include the schema, for example:

select * from dbo.DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue(...)

The database would be before that; multi-part object naming is:


so foo is an object called foo, and is foo in the somedb database.

I suspect the problem here is that you have chosen the "default schema" for the database on a per-database basis, which is a bad design, IMO.

A LINQ data-context works just fine against any database with appropriate objects - you simply supply the connection-string (or connection) at runtime via the constructor.

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