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how can I create a placeholder with in the UiBInder, to later fill it with e.g. a Tree element? (Like the Flextable, but simpler).

Regards, Stefan

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<g:SimplePanel ui:field="panelForTree" />

Then, in Java:

@UiField protected SimplePanel panelForTree;


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A small caveat in this approach is that you end up with an extra DIV in the markup. The SimplePanel is acting more as a container rather than a placeholder. –  Carlos Aguayo Sep 27 '11 at 21:53
I agree with Carlos, small caveat but important. How could one do it without a extra div (or other html element)? –  Michael Jan 20 at 19:42
You have to insert your Tree in something, right? If you're not inserting it in something then you should make it the base widget of your UiBinder, and instantiate it when you need it. –  Riley Lark Jan 21 at 13:48
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