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Hi I'd like to generate am XML sitemap for a website and I can't find a good XML sitemap generator. I'm looking for a non web based app with basic functionalities that works on windows. It seems easy enough but all I could find was very old apps most of which didn't work or crashed. Can anybody suggest one they've used and are happy with?


I tried a lot of the tools that are available out there (online and off line), but none really suited me (i.e. something simple and that works!). So I wrote a tool to generate the sitemap myself. I'll try to make it a little bit more presentable and I'll release it for other people to use it.

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Please point out which of the tools suggested in stackoverflow.com/search?q=sitemap+generator you have tried and why they don't meet your requirements. Makes it easier for us to suggest possible alternatives. –  Gordon Mar 2 '11 at 10:24
You can leave comments on answers within your question, and also edit your question to add more detail... –  Will Mar 7 '11 at 11:30

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Did you try A1 Sitemap Generator? Curious to know what problems you experienced if you tried A1SG? (You have to tick off "Simplified easy mode" to view/edit options)

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There is a PEAR package for creating Sitemaps via PHP (can run from CLI):

This package allow to create sitemap files used to describe your website to help search engines indexing it. This package contains all needed functions to create, read, save, add, modify and remove url, compress to gzip, notify search engine and test url in the sitemap or sitemap index.

I have never used it and cannot tell if it is any good.

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