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ROOT Cfile;
1 {
2 [
3 (?NameRef
4 (IF (AND (HAS-TYPE $parent Assignment) (IS-EQUAL $slot ``lhs''))
5 (THEN (PRINT stdout "Variable %s defined at %s" $token $location))
6 (ELSE (PRINT stdout "Name %s accessed at %s" $token $location))))]
7 }
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Gen++, application generator for C++.

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GEN++ an analyzer generator for C++

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Looks like a Genoa language specification.

(Don't ask me for details, all I did was googling "HAS-TYPE ROOTPROC IS-EQUAL".)

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Deferring to vpit3833, he got the link to go with the information. –  DevSolar Mar 2 '11 at 10:31

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