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I am writing a webkit app, and i'm using google maps api v3. I tried it on a android phone (HTC Desire) but it dosen't pinch to zoom. Note, i don't want to pinch and zoom a web page I want to pinch to zoom a google map v3 map in a web view. Has anyone got this working on android?

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please leave the status, that you are able to solve these issue or not.. – kamal_tech_view Jan 18 '12 at 5:40
works in tablet 3.2 - seems to be fixed in android op - pls confirm some one else. – ozmike Oct 19 '12 at 23:56

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It would appear that, currently, you cannot rely on being able to receive pinch-to-zoom events on Android browsers. Here it is in the Android issue tracker:

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works in tablet 3.2 - Amazing pinch to zoom on a map works ! just like ipad. Who would have thought that a new version of android would fix an issue - rather than creating another bug - requiring yet another work around. Android i rate your version control 2 stars out of 5 up from 1 well done..well ...better get back to fixing the incompatibilities in my other apps!

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