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Using IDEA 9/10, I don't want to use MVN2 anymore (reasons mostly similar to, but I enjoy some of the things that it provides. The most important point is having my library management include code and documentation automatically.

Jars are not the problem, because I can just throw a folder at IDEA and tell it that my "jars are there". Is there a way to place docs and source relative to that folder so that javadoc and source get detected by IDEA automatically?

(I don't want to check in ipr/iml any more, that just led to constant merge conflicts for us.)

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There is no such feature at the moment, you always have to attach sources and documentation manually if your project is not managed by Maven.

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Actually this seems to be sad but true. Life without maven would be a lot more predictable… ;) – Bernd Haug Apr 11 '11 at 22:26

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