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I am a newbie to UI development. I have done coding in C++, and I am learning JavaScript. I need to develop one application that could run on desktop,mobile and web, or at least on desktop and mobile.

I have gone through Can you do Desktop Development using JavaScript?, but I do not want to use AIR or Cappuccino as AIR uses flex and Cappuccino uses objective-J.

I found the "Titanium Desktop" framework that could solve my problem. Is it the right choice? What are the disadvantages of "Titanium"? Is JavaScript the right choice for desktop UI development?

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IMO you shouldn't be going to Javascript for developing Desktop/Mobile apps.. i feels its appropriate for web applications.. when you already know C++ then you can do pretty much UI and Mobile Development. You can use Visual Studio for Desktop apps.. Qt For Mobile apps.

Also try learning C# (arguably) i believe its fit for both Mobile and Desktop.

.Net framework has lot to offer and if you go for mobile Development there is Mono where you can use your existing C# skills to develop for Mobile, *nix, Android, iPhone.etc

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There's nothing wrong with requesting a framework to do what you wish in a familiar language. Although things may be better in more native languages, cross-platform portability can be a priority for some projects. –  Tim Sep 10 '13 at 3:34
@Tim this answer was given back in 2011 when such frameworks were either not available or were in a very initial phase of development. Relevancy of this answer as of today is arguable. :) –  Shekhar_Pro Sep 11 '13 at 5:08

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