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how can i get the values of a,b and c from the following xml code?

<result name="response" f="139" c="0">
<doc score="5.06756" pos="0">
<snippet name="a" highlighted="yes">example</snippet>
<snippet name="b" highlighted="yes">bexample</snippet>
<snippet name="c">cexample</snippet>


I tried to print the nodes, but It failed:

$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();

$x = $xmlDoc->documentElement;
foreach ($x->childNodes AS $item)
  print $item->nodeName . " = " . $item->nodeValue . "<br />";

Can anyone tell me how I can parse it? I cannot use simple xml, so I am moving to Dom.

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Using DOM allows you to use several distinct ways of extracting informations.
For example, you could work with :

As an example, here's a portion of code that demonstrates how to use the first solution to extract all <snippet> tags :

$snippets = $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName('snippet');
foreach ($snippets as $tag) {
  echo $tag->getAttribute('name') . ' = ' . $tag->nodeValue . '<br />';

And you'd get this output :

a = example
b = bexample
c = cexample

And, as another example, here's a solution that demonstrates how to use the second solution, to do a more complex query on the XML data -- here, extracting the <snippet> tag that as it's name attribute with a value of a :

$xpath = new DOMXPath($xmlDoc);
$snippetsA = $xpath->query('//snippet[@name="a"]');
if ($snippetsA->length > 0) {
  foreach ($snippetsA as $tag) {
    echo $tag->getAttribute('name') . ' = ' . $tag->nodeValue . '<br />';

Which only gets you one result -- the corresponding tag :

a = example

Starting from here, the possibilities are almost limitless ;-)

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