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I'm just starting to learn Android development. I have included a EditText component in my view and started the emulator in Eclipse.

When I type in the Textbox, the auto suggestions are coming up in Chinese language but I want to change this to English.

How do I change this Locale and Android Emulator?

I'm using the Android 2.1 for development.

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No Need to change local, just long press on the EditText widget, on the popup menu select input method, and change to the android keyboard.

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I am using the emulator with Android 4.2 + 4.3 and there is an app to set the locale called "Custom Locale".

Start emulator -> Launcher -> Custom Locale
=> Select the desired language from the list
=> Confirm with e.g "Select 'de_DE'"

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I'm using 2.3.3, but it should be similar:

Start emulator -> Launcher -> Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language

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