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Here I have a link:

<a id="downloadLink">Donwload Link</a>

And a JavaScript function:

function ac(){document.getElementById('downloadLink').href = "CS352ProjectProposalRequirements.pdf";}

However when I call the function it doesn't work. It gives an error:

Cannot change the property of null "href"

How can I dynamically change the href of a link?

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I believe you're getting an error because href is not initially defined in your link. If you give it a default value initially (e.g. - #), you can change it later with JS.

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it worked thanks :) –  Yunus Eren Güzel Mar 2 '11 at 12:22

<a id="downloadLink href="#" >DOWNLOAD</a>. This will fix the problem.

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This would have been +1 is your grammar and styling was better. Try using code tags. –  Ash Burlaczenko Mar 2 '11 at 12:25

You can change or create the HREF attribute dynamically by using something like this:

document.getElementById('downloadlLink').attributes["href"] = "yourlink";
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