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I have a group of JTextField and JLabel. I want them to initially not be visible so I thought to initialize my applet with a method which calls setVisible(false) for each of the components.

Is it possible to create a method setVisible(false) which will set the visibility of all the components to false. Finally if I have 40 components in the applet, is it possible to do this with only one command instead of 40 commands?

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Add your buttons and labels to a JPanel and then you can simply make your JPanel invisible to hide them all with one call.


Alternatively, add your buttons and labels to a JComponent list, and then loop through it:

List<JComponent> list = new ArrayList<JComponent>();
for(JComponent c : list){
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I'm building a japplet so each jbutton, jlabels etc.. declaration is not editable... any ideas? Anyway it's an excellent suggestion, thank you –  Franky Mar 2 '11 at 13:28

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