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again another question:

I have a scrollView where the images loaded by createView, but how can i add an image from an url? In my case if i change ../images/.... to the images are not loading. In coverFlowView it works?!?!

Any ideas? Here's my code:

var image1      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/gallery/bmw3er/image1.jpg'});
var image2      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/gallery/bmw3er/image2.jpg'});
var image3      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/image3.jpg'});
var image4      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/image4.jpg'});
var image5      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/image5.jpg'});
var image6      = Ti.UI.createView({width:320,height:156,backgroundImage:'../images/image6.jpg'});

var scrollView = Ti.UI.createScrollableView({

Thanks again for your help.


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what is not working? – Aaron Saunders Mar 2 '11 at 16:10
it doesn't load the images when i use http:// url for backgroundImage instead of a path! – codeworxx Mar 2 '11 at 17:08
try adding the full path to the urls – Aaron Saunders Mar 6 '11 at 19:53
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Why don't you add Titanium.UI.ImageView to the scrollview.

There is a good example here of scrolling images.

There is also a Titanium scrolling image example app available on Codecanyon

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