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I'm working in a multi-language application using ResourceBundle in Flex 3. I'm displaying data in a DataGrid and defined DataGridColumn headerText like this


this function returns the localized label for the username, but when I dynamcally select another language evertying gets refreshed but the headerText labels?

Any thoughts?


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Unless you make the localizedHeaderText method bindable, the binding will never be re-evaluated since it does not know about the change event of the resourceManager.

Assuming you are in a UIComponent subclass, you'll need to do the following:

  1. override resourcesChanged and dispatch a custom event
  2. add [Bindable(event="customEvent")] above the method

Sample code:

override protected function resourcesChanged():void {
    dispatchEvent(new Event("localeChange"));


public function localizedHeaderText(key:String):String {
    return resourceManager.getString('resources', key);
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