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I have a text file (in real it is a *.cs file) which contains a strings like this

if (buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("\u00e1\u010d") || // -áč
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("a\u010d") || //-ač
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("\u00e1n") || //-án
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("\u00e1\u0159") || //-ář

I want tot copy the file to a new with changing the unicode sequences


to the symbols


so finally I want to get the file with the next strings

if (buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("áč") || // -áč
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("ač") || //-ač
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("án") || //-án
    buffer.Substring(len - 2, len).Equals("ář") || //-ář

can anybody help me with this problem, please?

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What charset should the new file be. The codes you see are the Unicode chars, if you replace them with chars and save to unicode they will end up the same codes as far as I know, but if the target is ISO-8829-<x> then its another matter. –  David Mårtensson Mar 2 '11 at 14:35
the final file will be UTF-8. The comments in the file are displayed normal in Visual Studio –  msi Mar 2 '11 at 15:23

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