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I am working on developing a soft-phone, for this I am implementing my own module. I am able to successfully send the RTP packets to my SIP Server and on the other hand I am getting RTP packets, from which I need to parse the header and payload.

I know that the length of the RTP header is 12 and after that follows the payload. Now can somebody shed some light of how to parse header and payload. I am working with C as programming language.


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The best thing to do is to follow the RFC3550 and then to look at the corresponding RFC for the payload type. Another link you could look at is It also contains links to the various RFCs.

Alternatively if you want some example code as a starting point, there are loads of open source RTP libraries in both c and c++ that you could have a look at. LiveMedia, jRtpLib, RtpLib are some you could use but there were tons more.

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Thanks for your information, I am already following the RFC 3550, but I am looking for a sample implementation of how I can validate the RTP constant header, in case somebody can direct me would be helpful. – Devb Mar 2 '11 at 16:14
What do you mean by validate? For a example of how to parse the header, have a look at the live555 library: it contains source for parsing both the RTP header and various payload formats. – Ralf Mar 3 '11 at 9:15

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