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I'm making a Mac app which needs to know when the user is scrolling the NSScrollView, however, I can't find any methods like UIScrollView, which has the following delegate methods:

– scrollViewDidScroll:
– scrollViewWillBeginDragging:
– scrollViewDidEndDragging:willDecelerate:
– scrollViewShouldScrollToTop:
– scrollViewDidScrollToTop:
– scrollViewWillBeginDecelerating:
– scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:

Can I have the similar delegate methods for the App Kit? Thanks in advance.


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You can monitor a scroll view's changes by monitoring the bounds of it's content view. First set the content view to post its changes with

[contentView setPostsBoundsChangedNotifications:YES];

Then register as an observer of those notifications with

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(boundsDidChange:) name:NSViewBoundsDidChangeNotification object:contentView]; 
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Had the same problem recently... To somewhat emulate deceleration callbacks it is possible to override

-(void) scrollWheel:(NSEvent *)theEvent 

of NSScrollView class, but then check theEvent.momentumPhase instead of theEvent.phase for event phases.

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