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I've a solution with two projects on VS2008: an ASP.NET Web App and a Windows App. They don't depend on eachother.

Is it possible to prevent Visual Studio from doing a "Start project" for the Windows App when I'm Debugging?

On this question are solving a similar issue with WCF Apps but not with Windows Apps.

Thank you in advance.

Juan Hoyos

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To set the solution startup project:

  1. Right-Click on the Solution
  2. Select Single Startup Project
  3. Select Your Web Application
  4. Click OK

To set the web application as the startup project:

  1. Right-Click on the Web Application Project
  2. Click Set as StartUp Project

To manually run the web application:

  1. Right-Click on the Web Application Project
  2. Select Debug
  3. Select Start New Instance
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That was it! Although hunter and madmik3 pointed a solution, hunter explained it more deeply. Thank you. – elhoyos Mar 2 '11 at 15:29

you should be able to set the startup on any project by right clicking and selecting "start as startup". You can also set a start page for an ASP.NET App by clicking that page and saying "set as start page"

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