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I want to execute a T-SQL statement with ADO-layer. The sql-statement is like:

DECLARE @var TABLE (id int)
INSERT INTO @var SELECT id FROM tblFoo WHERE name='myName' AND idx=2

In the SQL Server management console all works well. But if I use that for opening a ADO_Recordset via Open(sql) that recordset will not be filled/opened. eof() said: recordset is not opened.

The question ist: How to exectue T-SQL stataments that will result a recordset on the ADO layer?

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In the Options parameter of the Open() method you need to pass in CommandTypeEnum.adCmdText.

see this link for more info http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms675544(v=vs.85).aspx

Also change your query to this:

    SELECT * FROM tblFoo WHERE name='myName' AND idx=2
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The commandType is already on adCmdText. (I'm using a very old ADO interface: c++ on ADO 2.7) Yes you are right. That query can be written more easy. But in real the statement may look as: SELECT * FROM tblFoo WHERE pos=4 AND id IN (SELECET id FROM tblFoo WHERE pos=3 AND name='nameForThirdPos') AND id IN (SELECET id FROM tblFoo WHERE pos=2 AND name='nameForSecondPos') The table contains a separat record for each name on a specified pos. –  Reinhard Mar 3 '11 at 6:27

You need to treat this SQL as plain test something like:

cmd.CommandType = adCmdText
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