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I am using requireJS for the first time. I got it working fine then came to optimize the files to minify and concatenate and now I get the error "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" the error is on line 8175 of front-built.js. I have left the file unminifed for this question to make it easier to identify the problem.

My main JS file before optimization looks like this (works fine): http://thebeer.co/js/front.js

And after optimization (throws the error on line 8175): http://thebeer.co/js/front-built.js

Hope someone is more familier with requireJS than me and can fix this issue. Is may be the way I'm including my JS file before optimization. I'm really not sure.

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I see the problem there:

  var   siteWrap = $('#siteWrap'),
        membersTab = $('#membersTab'),
        mID = siteWrap.attr('mID');

  if(window.location.host == "dev.thebeer.co"){
    var staticURL = "http://static.thebeer.co";  
    var staticURL = "https://static.meshmesh.us"; 

  // ... SNIP SNIP ....


You're not passing jQuery to the anonymous function, therefore $ is undefined inside the function. That last line should be like this:

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I'm not sure the answer is quite right; the normal approach is to provide a function that takes the module dependencies as parameters: define('globals', ["jquery"], function($) { ... }); – Howard M. Lewis Ship Jul 22 '13 at 17:18

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