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I've implemented client-cert authentication, and it works fine.

Now I want to implement client-cert authorization.

I have my server.xml configured with the database, and Tomcat can access it. I have my user and role tables configured.

I have my application web.xml with the following role:

  <!-- Security roles referenced by this web application -->
      The role that is required to log in to the Manager Application


Tomcat is applying the following queries (following lines extracted from mysql log file):

        3 Query SELECT password FROM user WHERE login = 'EMAILADDRESS=xxx, CN=yyy, OU=Terms of Use at (c)00, OU=NON-AFFILIATED G2'

        3 Query commit

        3 Query SELECT role FROM tomcat_user_role WHERE login = 'EMAILADDRESS=xxx, CN=yyy, OU=Terms of Use at (c)00, OU=NON-AFFILIATED G2'

        3 Query commit

where xxx and yyy are the user login and name, that I understand tomcat retrieves from the certificate. The second select retrieves the "my_role" role from the database, which is exactly what is configured on the application web.xml file.

I read here Can CLIENT-CERT auth-method be used with a JDBC realm within tomcat? that tomcat ignores the password.

Even with all the configuration above, I still get "Access to the requested resource has been denied".

Does anyone have any idea that might help me?

Does tomcat really ignores the password? If not, what should be the password? How tomcat users it?

Thanks! Regards, Jefferson

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