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I was wondering if there is some way in Spring to specify in the controller that I would like to send the client to a specific anchor within the .jsp page that I am using for my view.

I have a section in my .jsp page, identified by an #errors anchor, that displays any form errors that occur. I would like to be able to send them directly to that anchor whenever I need to send them back to the .jsp after model validation fails.

Inside my controller classes, I handle validation errors like so:

if (result.hasErrors())

            for (ObjectError error : result.getAllErrors())

                logger.debug("Validation Error: " + error.getDefaultMessage());

            ModelAndView mv = new ModelAndView();

            mv.addObject(BindingResult.MODEL_KEY_PREFIX + "booking", result);

            return mv;

I would like to be able to specify in that code block that when the client gets the rendered newAdminBookingMenu.jsp back that they are sent directly to the #errors anchor tag within that page.

I obviously cannot do this by just adding #errors to the name of the .jsp i wish to render as the InternalResourceViewResolver will interpret the view as /WEB-INF/jsp/jspName#errors.jsp which is clearly incorrect.

I know this can be accomplished with javascript and the onload event but I find that kind of dirty and would really rather find a Spring approach if one exists.

Any ideas?


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Perhaps a RedirectView is an option:

modelAndView.setView(new RedirectView("error/page#errors", true));


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