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How can I set up a mechanism for SVN where in the team automatically gets email whenever a commit is made to SVN repository.

thanks kabir...

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Wow, 18 questions and no answers accepted. – Ash Burlaczenko Mar 2 '11 at 16:44

This is not supported natively by SVN, so far as I know, but you can use an external program and implement repository hooks to get the job done. Google for SVN Post-Commit Hook.

Or, more specifically, check out this link: Using Subversion Hooks to send out build emails.

As a side note, the results you achieve will be automatic, but getting to that point certainly won't be, be prepared to plan this into your development time - at least for the first project you attempt it with.

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Is this is not an overkill? But anyways the easiest way is to write a hook.See this link for more details.

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Setup a post commit hook that sends emails. You could assign emails addresses to folders/projects using svn properties to limit the mail noise to subscribers. For instance we have a property called mailto which is a comma separated list of email recipients. The post commit hook script walks through the folder tree, get's this property, builds a unique mailing list and sends the mails.

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