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We currently use WmiSet from Online Admin to run Wmi Queries and query registry settings on remote machines.

The problem is that it only supports Delphi up to RAD Studio 2007.

We are currently in the process of upgrading to Delphi XE and need to know if anybody knows of — or has — a more recent version of the WmiSet components or anything similar.

We have tried to contact the vendor but so far there have not been any replies on any of our queries.

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converting the WMISet library to Unicode Delphi is not too difficult. I've done the conversion to Delphi 2009 and 2010, and the compiler points you towards those lines of code that need changing. If I find the time I'll prepare a "diff" between the original code and the changed one for UniCode Delphi and upload it.

Regards, Olaf

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Olaf. That would be most helpful. Thank you. – Pieter van Wyk Mar 4 '11 at 8:20
I've finally found the time to create the DIFF files and uploaded them to link. Please test thoroughly before deploying to production. – Olaf Hess Mar 24 '11 at 9:11
Olaf. Thank you very much for the diff files. Everything worked ok and we now have WMISet installed into Delphi XE. Regards. – Pieter van Wyk Mar 24 '11 at 16:48

Pieter, some time ago i start a project called Delphi Wmi Class Generator this project creates full documented Object Pascal classes (compatible with delphi 7 to XE) to access the WMI.

check this code which uses the TWin32_BIOS class (created by the application) to access the Win32_BIOS wmi class in a remote machine.

  uWmiDelphiClass in '..\..\uWmiDelphiClass.pas',
  uWin32_BIOS in '..\..\root_CIMV2\uWin32_BIOS.pas';

  RemoteBiosInfo : TWin32_BIOS;
  i              : integer;

       RemoteBiosInfo.WmiUser  :='Administrator';
       RemoteBiosInfo.WmiPass  :='password'; 

       if RemoteBiosInfo.WmiConnected then  
         Writeln('Serial Number       '+RemoteBiosInfo.SerialNumber);
         Writeln('BuildNumber         '+RemoteBiosInfo.BuildNumber);
         if RemoteBiosInfo.BIOSVersion.Count>0 then
         Writeln('Version             '+RemoteBiosInfo.BIOSVersion[0]);
         Writeln('Identification Code '+RemoteBiosInfo.IdentificationCode);
         Writeln('Manufacturer        '+RemoteBiosInfo.Manufacturer);
         Writeln('SoftwareElementID   '+RemoteBiosInfo.SoftwareElementID);
         Writeln('Release Date        '+DateToStr(RemoteBiosInfo.ReleaseDate));
         Writeln('Install Date        '+DateToStr(RemoteBiosInfo.InstallDate));
         Writeln('Target S.O          '+GetTargetOperatingSystemAsString(RemoteBiosInfo.TargetOperatingSystem));
         Writeln('Soft. element state '+GetSoftwareElementStateAsString(RemoteBiosInfo.SoftwareElementState));

         Writeln('Bios Characteristics');
         for i:=Low(RemoteBiosInfo.BiosCharacteristics)  to High(RemoteBiosInfo.BiosCharacteristics) do
       Writeln('No connected');
    on E:Exception do
     Writeln(E.Classname, ': ', E.Message);

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+1 Very nice project :) – jachguate Mar 2 '11 at 17:45
Thank you. We will definitely have look! – Pieter van Wyk Mar 3 '11 at 9:12
Sorry for changing my answer, but Olaf made it possible for us to use the current components in Delphi XE so we do not have to modify existing code based on it. Regards. – Pieter van Wyk Mar 24 '11 at 16:49

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