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Simple question, if your iterating through a list of objects using fast enumeration is there a quick way to refer to the previous object so you have (object and object-1)?

for(FuzzyThing *thisThing in allThings) {
    int thisValue = [thisThing value];
    //int prevValue = [thisThing-1 value];

If not I will use a variable to store the previous value and use that instead.

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No way to get the previous one using fast enumeration. You need to store that previous one yourself. Though in this case I will prefer to use normal loop counter unless I really really need fast enumeration for performance.

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Thank you, the example is just to illustrate the point, its not actual code. Much appreciated, I have been looking but could not find anything, I was just curious. – fuzzygoat Mar 2 '11 at 17:42

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