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I'm having trouble using hql with the following mapping (classes are between brackets):

[Note] @OneToMany [Item];

[SubItem1] extends [Item];

[SubItem2] extends [Item];

[SubItem3] extends [Item];

Item is abstract and have a protected String property called "title";

Note subclasses have their own set of properties.

Graphically something like [this][1].

I'm attempting to retrieve objects from the Note class but not retrieving all the properties from the subclasses. In fact I just want the particular name property from the upper class Item. The first hql I've put up is the following:

from Note note left join fetch note.item

This doesn't work properly as it generates joins for all subclasses of item. Something like:

  note0_.id as id45_0_,
  item1_.id as id13_1_,
  note0_.prop1 as version45_0_,
  note0_.prop2 as dtEncerr3_45_0_,
  note0_.prop3 as dtInicial45_0_,
  item1_.title as title13_1_,
  item1_1_.prop1 as prop1_1_1_,
  item1_1_.prop2 as prop2_1_1_,
  item1_2_.prop1 as prop1_1_2_,
  item1_2_.prop2 as prop2_1_2_
  note note0_ 
 left outer join
  item item1_ 
   on note0_.item_id=item1_.id 
 left outer join
  subitem1 item1_1_ 
   on item1_.id=item1_1_.id 
 left outer join
  subitem2 item1_2_ 
   on item1_.id=item1_2_.id 

As I said, I don't need properties from subclasses. I tried also:

from Note note left join fetch note.item.title

But that throws me a NullPointerException from org.hibernate.hql.ast.HqlSqlWalker.createFromJoinElement. Is that a workaround for that?


[1]: http://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy/class/# Cool UML Diagram, [Note]->1[Item|#title;];, [Item]^-[SubItem1];, [Item]^-[SubItem2];, [Item]^-[SubItem3];

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