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I have a form using this model:

public class MyModel
  public User SalesManager {get;set;}
  public string Title {get;set;}

rendered like this using a DropDown given a list of Users in a HtmlHelper extension:

<label for="SalesManager">Sales Manager</label>
<select id="SalesManager" name="SalesManager">
  <option value="7">James Morrison</option>
  <option selected="selected" value="300">Ray Manzarek</option>
  <option value="302">Robby Krieger</option>
  <option value="302">John Densmore</option>

and an action like this:

public ActionResult SomeAction(FormCollection form)

I'm getting a validation ModelState error: The value '302' is invalid for the SalesManager property. How can I accept just an int value, and worry about instantiating my User later (in a ModelBinder for example). Or am I just approaching this wrong?

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Your HTML should look like this:

<select id="SalesManager_UserId" name="SalesManager.UserId">

because you cannot the value 302 to a complex object such as User.

So the helper should look like this:

<%= Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.User.UserId, Model.PossibleValues) %>
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Is there not a IValueProvider or ModelBinder something I can use to handle this at the property level? –  mxmissile Mar 3 '11 at 17:52
@mxmissile, I don't understand you. You have a view model => use the strongly typed helpers which will take care of generating the proper markup. –  Darin Dimitrov Mar 3 '11 at 17:55

You will need to declare an int property on MyModel, say SelectedUser, and change the rendered select to

<select id="SelectedUser" name="SelectedUser">

If you are using the Html helpers you can do this with.

HtmlHelper.ListBoxFor("SelectedUser", Model.YourSelectList")
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