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I do a lot of development on my laptop, and I use various Android Emulators to do it. When running, the emulator frequently takes up a large amount of my CPU, and consequently decreases my laptop's battery life significantly.

Is there a way to temporarily pause the emulator, or at least shut down whatever it is that's consuming all the unnecessary cpu?

I know that with sdk r9 and later I can snapshot the emulator and quit/restart it fairly quickly, but I'm hoping for something even less invasive to my work flow than that.

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In case you have actual device, and your development required SDK is less than your device, try to use the device instead of emulator. Why? 1. It is fast 2. You will get rid of this issue. –  itsaboutcode Mar 2 '11 at 19:02

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In Linux you can stop the process by

$ killall --signal STOP emulator


$ killall --signal STOP emulator64-arm

At a later time continue by

$ killall --signal CONT emulator


$ killall --signal CONT emulator64-arm

Gotcha: If you update Eclipse, make sure the emulator is not stopped when restarting eclipse. Eclipse will stall when loading, waiting for the stopped emulator to continue.

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Yeah I was just experimenting with that. Seems to work well so far. –  emmby Mar 3 '11 at 4:29
This sounds very linux/unix-specific.. :) –  naxa Oct 24 '13 at 10:29

The newest version of adt supports emulator snapshots, meaning you can just close the emulator and bring it back to where it was quickly. So to solve your problem simply close your emulator and restore it when you need it.

Check snapshot enabled when creating your avd: Check snapshot enabled when creating your avd

Ensure launch and save snapshot are checked when launching:

Ensure launch and save snapshot are checked when launching

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Under current emulation options you can only choose one of "Snapshot", "Use Host GPU". IE you cannot make use of your host machine's GPU at the same time as using emulator snapshots. –  chobok Mar 3 '14 at 8:58

For a cross-platform solution, this should pause and then resume execution of the emulator:

$ telnet localhost 5554  
> avd stop  
> avd start
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