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So google pulled the SOAP API back in 2006, and depreciated the REST API last year. Even though the REST api still works fine, I was wondering if anyone here knows an alternative for the web search. I am not talking about Custom search API (that thing is horrible with a 100 queries/day limit).

Also, I am currently using the REST api for a custom application. I have noticed mixed (and very unreliable) results if I pass search operators such as inurl: or site: with my queries. Does anyone know if these even work with the REST Api?

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would you please share your findings related to this subject if you have any. I also have a similar problem at the time being. –  fmucar May 7 '11 at 13:20

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The search parameters do work for Googles deprecated REST API. But search results often do not equal the ones from a regular Google search. Most likely because the two do not (and never will) use the same data index.

  • YAHOOs BOSS could be a (non-free) alternative
  • Microsoft does offer a simple and free restful API for BING
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Thanks for the link to Bing-API! –  Tim May 13 '11 at 22:12

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