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i am developing a 3d project and would like to include the following feature :

As my webcam is watching my face, if i move to the left or the right the projects camera position moves to the left or the right to create an "look-around-the-corner" effect .

Does anyone know a face detection project in .NET c# ?

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You can use OpenCV for .NET - there is a wrapper for .NET which also comes with a sample application doing face recognition for images - easy to adapt for the camera if you can extract the samples.

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Are you familiar with web services? Depending on how often you need to scan for faces during your webcam stream, you could grab a frame, send it to a face detection web service and it would return the coordinates of faces in that frame.

You could use because its free!

bafta ;)

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i would like to have a local face detection algorithm , but the site you've pointed out is quite interesting. mersi :D and +1 – Alex Mar 3 '11 at 15:56

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