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IE is really playing up (as usual), I've got a div with an image in the bottom right hand corner set to 'no-repeat', but IE is rendering with repeated images...

Here's a link if anyone would be kind enough to check it out - it's half way down the right hand side column entitled 'advertise':


Here's the CSS (can also check on the developer's tools)

.right-nav .bg.advertise-home {background:url(/images/Structure/sign.png) right 100% no-repeat;}

Any ideas?? Hate ie!

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It seems to be caused by the border-radius.htc behaviour you use.

If it is this one: http://code.google.com/p/curved-corner/ then you should look at the issues as it seems to be a known issue with some patches near the end of the discussion..


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It might be caused by your shorthand:

background:url(/images/Structure/sign.png) right 100% no-repeat;

should be:

background:url(/images/Structure/sign.png) no-repeat right 100%;
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Perhaps I'm missing an IE-ism, but why put 100% instead of just 'bottom'? Otherwise this answer is the one I was going to give. – A. R. Younce Mar 2 '11 at 20:53
@A. R. Younce I just copied the original css and 100% is valid so I didn´t bother changing it. – jeroen Mar 2 '11 at 21:13

I only got XP installed on my VMware but I can tell you in XP the site is totally screwed. But I'm not sure if IE likes the 100%.

You could also add an important expression to make sure the CSS for this class is not being superseded ie.

.right-nav .bg.advertise-home {background:url(/images/Structure/sign.png) right 100% no-repeat !important;}
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