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Is there a way to run a LINQPad script from the command-prompt (no gui)?

If so, LINQPad would be handy for scripting C# and calling it from an automated build.

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This is now supported as of v4.47 - see Frank's answer – Joe Albahari Aug 18 '13 at 6:47

lprun from LinqPad has already arrived:

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Yes, as of LINQPad v4.45.05:

LINQPad.exe "c:\path\to\my\script.linq" -run

To close the LINQPad window, be sure to call this at the end of your script:


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Currently LINQPad offers no facility for this. But this is a highly voted suggestion on uservoice, so it could in a future version.

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The ability to run LINQPad scripts from the command lines was just added in beta version 4.47

Full documentation on the new lprun.exe utility is available on:

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