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I'm trying to understand the twitter gizzard example rowz, and I can't figure out what this little snippet does in scala:

package com.twitter.rowz
import com.twitter.gizzard.nameserver.{Forwarding, NameServer}
import com.twitter.gizzard.shards.ShardException

class ForwardingManager(nameServer: NameServer[Shard]) extends (Long => Shard) {  
    def apply(id: Long) = nameServer.findCurrentForwarding(0, id)

what exactly is the class extending?

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Seems that you forgot to add new line between import com.twitter.gizzard.shards.ShardException and lass ForwardingManager(name... – tenshi Mar 2 '11 at 20:41
Added the newline. – Jesper Mar 2 '11 at 20:50

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(A=>B) is Function1[A,B]

Those lines are strictly equivalent:

class ForwardingManager(nameServer: NameServer[Shard]) extends (Long => Shard)
class ForwardingManager(nameServer: NameServer[Shard]) extends Function1[Long,Shard]
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This snippet defines class ForwardingManager that extends Function1[Long, Shard] (Long => Shard is just short form).

As another example, you can look at Parser class from Scala library:

In ths case (Input => ParseResult[T]) is the same as Function1[Input, ParseResult[T]]. This concrete example is described also in Programming in Scala, 2nd Edition (section 33.6)

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