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I'm facing a problem of implementing mouse hover event in WPF . First there is no such event in WPF , and second I need to make a similar event to be routed event. I mean, I have a global window , and I want to declare on it something like ButtonBase.MouseHover , so I'll handle this event each time I hover any button on the screen .

Any suggestion . Best regards Wasim ...

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Have a look… the @Tokk's solution works fine for me. – Dimi Jan 25 '12 at 16:17

How about MouseEnter ? Serves the same purpose :)

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You wrong. MouseHover in winforms is not just MouseEnter/Leave. This event occures only after specific timeout configurable in Windows (400ms by default in XP). Similar behavior used to highlight hovered file in Explorer or expand context sub-menu. – Dmitry Gusarov Oct 5 '12 at 6:42

The MouseHover function is split into two parts in WPF: MouseEnter and MouseLeave.

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You could create an attached property and then do exactly that.

If its just on buttons, you could always specify custom tooltip stuff, couldn't you?

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