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I have two forms, which I have combined into one; parts of the form change depending on the drop down menu choice the user has selected (tech support or sales). I would like to use the $.ajax function however I noticed there is only one url: used. Can I use an if condition here??

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Build the url first and then pass it to $.ajax

var postURL = "";

if (Whatever)
    postURL = "URL1";
    postURL = "URL2";

  url: postURL,
  context: document.body,
  success: function(){
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Simple, elegant, doesn't gum up (sometimes complicated) ajax calls. +1 –  bpeterson76 Mar 2 '11 at 22:43

Wrap your call to $.ajax in a coditional like so:

if (condition) {
  $.ajax() // page 1
} else {
  $.ajax() // page 2
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