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I'm evaluating PusherApp, and I'm trying to figure out how the events work. Haven't found any samples in .NET using Pusher but if I say:

var socket = new Pusher(...)

socket.bind("onmessagecomplete", function(message){
   //-- do something in here...

For this to kick off, is this a javascript event I need to trigger somehow? I would be doing some sort of server side work at the time then I'll need to trigger this event but not sure how from the server? I'm using C#. Any help would be awesome.


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No, that event is automatically fired when you receive a notification from Pusher and your callback function is run. It receives the notifications via the WebSocket you opened when you called new Pusher().

On the server you use the REST API to send data to Pusher which it then pushes to the client and that javascript callback is fired.

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The onmessagecomplete event will be triggered from a server-side call to the REST API (as @andrew-marshall points out). You can trigger events from .NET using the Pusher .NET REST library which has been written in C#.

The reason this can clearly be identified as a server triggered event is that any client events must have a client- prefix.

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