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I have to parse an xml stream that contains a range of namespaces like this:

<zs:searchRetrieveResponse xmlns=""
xmlns:zs="" xmlns:diag=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" schema/content_node.xsd"
xmlns:dc="" xmlns:dcterms=""
            <srw_dc:dc xmlns:srw_dc="info:srw/schema/1/dc-schema">
                <dc:title>Mathematics subject leader development materials: Summer

Obviously this is just an indicative chunk of the code. The key point is that I have read about a number of methods (using dc\:title, using "[nodeName=dc:title]" and variations on these, and none of them work at all. I have demonstrated this by taking an xml stream like the one above and changing all the ":" to "-". Then it parses just fine. Is jQuery (I'm using 1.5.1) really not able to handle xml namespaces? That seems an amazing flaw given how common namespaces are nowadays. I don't want to learn another JavaScript toolkit, but is there another one that will handle namespaces?


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You have to double-escape the colon ( dc\\:title ) and/or check this article (and the comments) to get some directions:

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Thanks for the response. I had actually double-escaped the colon (one of the escapes got eaten by the message editor!) but it still didn't work. I eventually got things working by going back to an earlier version (1.3.1) of jQuery. Weird that it stopped working in later versions. – Ian Piper Mar 4 '11 at 6:51

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