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Does anyone know where I can find the back triangle button for the UIButton. I need it for a in app webbrowser. Here's what I've got so far, but it looks wrong using the rewind button. I'm using interface builder on this view and if I could get the proper png I could set the UIBarButton image. I stumbled on the file path to access the SDKs private artwork but I've since lost it, I imagine it would be in there.

enter image description here

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Deddiekoel is right. The back button is not included in the default images for a UIToolbarItem. There are two possibilities on achieving this.

1) Create your own image with a triangle in it. (simple way)

2) Subclass UIToolbarItem and override the drawInRect: method to draw your triangle with CoreGraphics Calls. (Harder but it's resizeable)

I didn't try the second way myself, but it should work because I did similar things with other objects. ;-)

Sandro Meier

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