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I am currently working on a MVC3 project in C# and VS2010 using a lot of jQuery.

I always wondered why I could not display the VsDoc help files although they are included in the right place and version.

I just found out that the VsDoc help does really only work if you include jQuery in the same page you are working on.

Of course I have put my include files into the masterpage of the project, so I do not have to modify each and every view if I change anything.

Did anyone find a solution to using VsDoc for jQuery and NOT having to include jQuery in each view?


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You don't have to include jQuery in each view - you can just reference the vdocs themselves.

However, another (better) solution would be to not include your jQuery and JavaScript code directly in your views. Separate them out into their own JavaScript (*.js) files. There are many reasons why you would want to do this and this would also solve your problem.

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