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i have a homework where i am supposed to to throw an exception if a comparator was specified. what does it mean to specify a comparator

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Some constructors and methods accept an optional comparator argument. I'm guessing that you have to override and check if the argument isn't null and throw IllegalArgumentException or such.

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The question is vague, but one example is a data structure such as a TreeSet. It can use the natural ordering of the objects inserted, or one can provide a separate Comparator to its constructor which it will user for ordering its elements.

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actually i am to write an add method to add items to an arrayList which i can do, but then it says if a comparator is specified i am to throw an UnsupportedOperationException. i am not exactly sure where or how the comparator is to be specified. –  user642206 Mar 3 '11 at 1:28

I don’t think throwing Exception is needed. Comparator just takes care compare two Objects order, why do we need to throw Exception when compare?

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