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I have a table called Node with 4 columns in which the data are populated for all the fields except Lat and Long

  ID int not null
  Column2 int not null
  Column3 int not null
  Column4 int not null
  LAT float 
  LONG float

I have another table called "test" with 3 columns with date populated


If ID from test matches with Id from node the corresponding lat an long values from test should be inserted into Node.

I tried some thing like this but it give

INSERT INTO tblNode(x,y) 
SELECT tpn.Longitude,tpn.Latitude FROM dbo.Node n
    JOIN test tpn
    ON tpn.NodeID = n.NodeID

Error Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ID', table

Can Some one help me with this query.

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PLEASE do not keep changing the table/column names!! You have ID then NodeID, Lat/Long then Latitude/Longitude then X/Y. The table name is Node then insert into tblNode... – RichardTheKiwi Mar 3 '11 at 1:59
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If you were creating new records, you would include the ID

INSERT INTO tblNode(nodeID,x,y) 
SELECT tpn.nodeID, tpn.Longitude,tpn.Latitude FROM dbo.Node n
    JOIN test tpn
    ON tpn.NodeID = n.NodeID

However, looking at your question closely you don't want to INSERT. You want to UPDATE

SET Lat = tpn.Longitude, Lon = tpn.Latitude
FROM Node n
JOIN test tpn ON tpn.NodeID = n.NodeID
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Thanks Richard, I got it to work on the update. – Pawan Mar 3 '11 at 3:07

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