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Is it normal that if you declare a method on a jFrameView. You can only use few methods from the java.sql package?I'm trying to create a preparedStatement so that I could perform an insert query but I only got these: enter image description here

Whereas if I use the connection object on a normal command line style java app. I get a bunch of methods available:

enter image description here

They're all under the same folder(package) where the jFrame/Form is. And the package. Please help, I can't understand why its acting this way.

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The first conn is not been declared as java.sql.Connection. You've declared it as conc which seems to be some homegrown class. Fix it accordingly. If it is supposed to be some sort of a connection manager, then you should rewrite that class that it has a method which returns a fullworthy java.sql.Connection so that you can use it further in your code.

This basic tutorial should get you started with approaching JDBC the proper way.

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